Crime in London

Recently, and very unfortunately, I had my bag stolen in a pub. I’ve had things stolen before so I wasn’t shocked or too upset. I also knew how to replace all my cards and stuff so it wasn’t particularly stressful either!

I can definitely understand why it happened. Someone thought they could make very quick and easy money from selling my phone or whatever, and getting caught isn’t exactly gonna get you in jail for years.

However, what I can’t understand is why you wouldn’t think twice about taking something from someone who clearly had very little to offer.

Let’s go through what was in my bag: a wallet with no cash (or at most, a few coppers) and no cards that would have been of monetary value.

My phone was worth £40 at the most. I know how easily phones are stolen and I like to minimise any collateral damage to myself by buying things like this cheap.

My lecture notes and diary, which are obviously of absolutely no anyone but myself. To me, they were priceless and really really important. To anyone else they may as well be used to fuel a fire.

I did have my tablet in there, but even that was worth only a little over a hundred pounds second hand.

All in all, it wasn’t a particularly good haul for the theft, and it certainly wasn’t a good ordeal for me.

I know that certain people carry hundreds of pounds worth of cash or gadgets, but I’ll bet that most stolen bags contain nothing of any real value.

Does the thief have absolutely no moral compass. Nothing to think, “oh hold on maybe I’m not gaining anything for myself, and I’m probably causing a whole load of harm to this poor guy”.

Or, just perhaps, I’m used to student bars where people are actually, for once, nice human beings.


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